About Stretch-n-Grow of East Tennessee

Hi, Friends! My name is Christa Black, and I am the proud owner of Stretch-N-Grow of East Tennessee! My family and I moved to Tennessee from Florida in 2016. After taking a year off from teaching to help my then 8-year-old son get adjusted to our new life, I decided to hop back into the preschool world where I belong. I have taught preschool for more than 16 years, and it is truly where my heart is! Seeing our children’s passion for learning new things and getting to be one of the first stepping stones in their educational futures is truly what sets my heart on fire!

While teaching in Tennessee, I noticed that we did not have enrichment programs visiting our school. When I was hunting for preschools in Florida, enrichment was a priority! I wanted to be sure the school offered a variety of experiences for his little active mind and body. That is where I first experienced Stretch-N-Grow from a parent’s perspective. After doing some research, I realized that our area did not offer the opportunities for enrichment that our children so desperately needed. That is when Stretch-N-Grow of East Tennessee was born! We are so thrilled to be here sharing our hearts and passions with our wonderful community! We pray that we get to meet, teach, and play with every one of your little blessings some day!

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About Stretch-n-Grow International

Stretch-n-Grow was conceived in January of 1992 by Jill and Bob Manly, with a plan to conduct classes on a local level only in their home town of Galveston, Texas. The simple concept of providing a comprehensive fitness program at an early, impressionable age grew quickly into an impressive world-wide network of dedicated, talented people with the common goal of building a successful organization that has a positive impact on the health and fitness of young children.

Stretch-n-Grow is a family and faith based company. Jill’s daughter Amanda Hollowell joined the company shortly after the birth of Jill and Bob’s daughter Megan in July 1992, and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. Megan joined the team after graduating from the University of South Florida in 2016 and serves as Vice President while also managing her own Stretch-n-Grow in St. Petersburg, FL.

And here is the “happy ending” to this story: there are now millions of Stretch-n-Grow “Stars” around the world learning to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while building a foundation of fitness and well-being!